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Do you have a room or living environment that smells like the dogs held an all night, cigar and cigarette smoking poker party in it?

We can help.

Lingering smells and bacteria-based odors from pets, and resin-based cigarettes and cigars can be serious problems. These tough and hard to tackle odors can be combinations of animal biological proteins and bacteria mixed with oils. The tar and resin from burned tobacco is also a complex odor issue that requires complete breakdown to remove.

Spills and accidents happen. The longer a spill or staining substance is in direct contact with a surface the more likelihood it has to becoming a stain. Spills and accidents that dry while on a surface and those that are pushed into carpet fibers and furniture fabrics during a ‘cleaning attempt’, instead of being lightly enticed up and out have a very strong probability of becoming a stain.

Those who take the risk of not having stain protector on their carpets, fabrics, and concrete surfaces of living environments in which adults spill, kids drop, and pets ‘potty’ can find themselves feeling pretty upset when ‘life happens’ to them.

The good news is, most spills, drops, potty training mistakes, and even accidental tracking of crud through carpets amount to what we like to call ‘spots’. Spots are what will become stains if they aren’t properly addressed and cleaned before they set-in.

Spots come out 100% of the time through our signature cleaning process of pre-treatment, steam cleaning and hot water extraction. It helps your chance of a spot not becoming a stain if you can keep the spot or accident area damp. Also, do not rub it into the carpet fibers or fabric fibers.

Unlike a spot, stains do not come out. These have become permanently embedded in the fibers, have usually not been discovered until after they were dry, or might have been aggressively cleaned with an inappropriate chemical, or rubbed into the fibers during a hasty or mad attempt to clean up.

Most of the time we can get your spills, accidents and woopsies cleaned up and out of your carpet and furniture fabrics. At the very least, if you do end up with a permanent stain, we still have the ability to remove any bacteria present, sanitizing and deodorizing the accident area.

Protecting your furniture with our clear and scent-free signature stain protection provides you more time to clean up spills and accidents before a stain sets in. We get rave reviews about our stain protection applications, which makes most spills come up and out by gently blotting to absorb with a paper towel and water!

Our technicians are happy to provide you with the details necessary to get the most out of your stain protection applications.

For pet lovers, party lovers and hotels that accept pets and parties, not to worry. Most cases we see involving pets are treatable!

We use a proprietary pre-treatment with special enzymes that break down proteins to begin. Next, our technicians uses steam and commercial grade extractors to get deep into the stain to sanitize bacteria before extracting to the point of almost dry.

Once clean, fresh, and odor free, we always recommend adding our stain protection to ensure durability and to save you from future stains.

We offer hard to remove stain and pet stain removal services to both commercial customers & residential clients.

Ask our friendly technicians about our maintenance plans. With the proper stain protection and a maintenance plan in place, you may be able to live life and have your kids, pets, spills, and some decent looking carpets and furniture, too!

Our teams are extremely experienced, knowledgeable, on the scene with fast response times, reliable and trustworthy, thoughtful in their processes, and we have experience and credibility with insurers. Our customer first attitude is the cherry on top as we provide the services that you need.



Our water restoration teams are IICRC Clean Trust Trained and Certified. Keeping our team up to date with the latest training and best practices ensures jobs completed correctly, professionally, and completely.

We maintain the proper licenses, insurance, continuing education, and customer satisfaction ratings to be included on the largest insurance company referral lists, yet we are locally family owned and operated for the personal care and commitment you need during a tragedy. We have worked with AND ARE APPROVED WITH every major insurer and continue to put our customers first. You choose us, and we work with the insurance company FOR YOU.

Our teams and technicians have worked in every type of residence an property; from apartments and single family homes to mansions and also major hotel chains and many commercial businesses. We have great references from consistently providing professional results. Choose a company that has experience, is trustworthy in your home, and who knows how to get the job done right.

Please take the time to read our reviews. We take pride in our work and helping families and businesses get back to their pre-loss condition. When things go wrong, you need help that will get the job done correctly. When you see the Clean N Dry trucks show up, you know you’ll get great service and excellent results.

From our good standing with the Better Business Bureau and every major insurer in the U.S. to our stellar customer reviews and references, you know you’re in good hands and can have confidence in good outcomes when you work with CLEAN N DRY.

When You See CLEAN N DRY Pull Up, You Know You Can look Forward To Great Service And Great Results!

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